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Esther je bolna

Esther the Wonder Pig in njena dva ata rabijo pomoč. Pujsa je zbolela in morda bo potrebovala zdravljenje v ZDA. Če se odločijo za to, bi morala ob povratku v Kanado, kjer živi, prebiti tri mesece v karanteni. Več v pozivu k podpisu in v sami peticiji.

https://www.change.org/p/allow-esther-t ... utopublish

“A petition has been started to help with the situation we're having with Esther, and the regulations in place should we need to take her to the United States for proper diagnostics.

We've been told she will be placed in a mandatory quarantine for 3 weeks upon her return to Canada. During that time we will not be able visit with her, or assist with her daily care. She is livestock as far as the authorities are concerned, and that's heartbreaking to us.

There's a chance she'll be totally fine with nothing more than rest, but there's also a chance there's something more serious going on that we can't see. We're being forced to decide if we're willing to risk not finding out what's really going on, or putting her through the immeasurable stresses of mandated quarantine.

If you wouldn't mind adding your signature to this petition, and sharing it for us, Derek and I would be forever grateful. All we want to do is start a meaningful conversation with the proper authorities, and find a mutually agreeable solution to the problem. I don't care if they need to quarantine one of us with her, we can't let her go there alone.

There's gotta be something we can do.

Thank you so much.
Steve and Derek“

"Some say I dream too big, I say they think too small." (Esther the Wonder Pig)